Tips To Get Rid of Spiders: 5 Easy Ways

The morning routine for breakfast can be spoiled if you see a crawling spider in your kitchen. 

It seems small but can cause big problems that can be life-threatening. Especially in a country like Australia where spider plague is a major problem. You can kill one or two but what about a plethora of spiders. It’s not easy to control. However,  with preventive measures, you can get rid of this crawling creature.

Here, We Have The 5 Preventive Measures 

Experts in pest control Bellevue Hill say prevention is better than cure. So if you want to vanish the spider from your home then follow these steps:

Block Mini Entrance Space

Spiders can easily enter through tiny holes that are hardly visible. Keep an eye on every single place of your house and caulk up. Especially, around the wires, because minor Space can be a big entry point for spiders.

Keep the Lights Off in Night 

Insects are the favorite food of spiders. Light attracts insects that easily invite spiders. So be aware, keep the door closed and switch off the lights. 

Keep Your Space Clean

An untidy area is an easy place for spiders to hide. It could also develop some health issues. So stay clean always. Make sure you clean your house regularly to prevent many other problems also. 

Get the Vacuum Cleaner

Spiders create webs on walls through their saliva. Don’t remove it with naked hands. Some spiders are dangerous so this is not the appropriate approach to deal with them. Instead of this use a vacuum cleaner and hoover that sucker up. 

Use Insecticide

Only a few spiders are dangerous but a normal person doesn’t know which Spider is dangerous or not. So it’s better to use insecticide. Spray it on the entrance point or other open areas to protect your house. Usage of insecticides can be the best approach that can reduce the risk of spiders entry into your house.


With the help of these tips, you can easily get rid of spiders. However, it seems uncontrollable then experts recommend taking local pest control services on an emergency basis.