Can Only Wooden Homes Get Termite Infestations?

termite infestations

When you live in a brick, concrete, or another material home, you are confident against termites invading home. It is a general misconception that termites infest only the wooden property. But unfortunately, it is not true in the case of termite infestations.

Pest Control Bellevue Hill experts are providing some socking reveals for your property. So, stay here and read till the end to know more about non-wood homes and termite control.

The connection between non-wood home and termites?

If your home is made up of non-wood material and you think your home is far to reach from termites, think again. Here are things you might think are termite safe but aren’t:

Brick home:

Pest control Professionals in Bellevue Hill say termites find their way to get the wood underneath it. It is because the home has a wooden construction, moist soil, and mulch which provide the reason for termite survival. Termites work to make the tunnel and work until they find the wood. 

Make sure you hire a licensed professional who finds damp sources not only in the exterior but anywhere in the home and helps prevent termite infestations.

Concrete slabs:

You may think concrete slab provides defense against termites; however, again, it is not true. Slabs have dark and moist surroundings underneath, which is a perfect breeding ground for termites. Make sure you check slabs regularly, and if you find any possible sign of infestation, take action asap.

Every home in Bellevue Hills is prone to termite attacks. It is best to hire a professional Pest Control in Bellevue Hill for a termite inspection killing and to eliminate from home.


Even a glasshouse poses a threat of termite infestation. Termites can tunnel into beds, doors, arch, furniture, floors, and cardboard boxes. Take help from exterminators for an effective termite control treatment plan.

Other risks:

Even if your home is made from non-wood materials, termites are capable of infests. Look around your home and find the possible moisture source. Also, do not leave firewood stack touching the soil level.

But do not attempt to treat swarmer yourself; instead, call a professional to tackle a termite infestation permanently. Once you disturb the active colony, they will hide, and numbers will double in a few days making it difficult to get rid of.

Pest control Bellevue Hills can help to keep termites away in Non-wooden homes:

As seen above, it does not matter whether your home is concrete or glass; termite will infest. It is because of other risk factors which aid in their growth. Professionals at Pest control Bellevue Hill will thoroughly inspect the property and help protect your home in the future. Call them when you see the first sign of termite infestations or for a regular termite inspection.